The Originals- Vape Summit Winner 2015- Best In Show



The Originals is in at North Coast! This line won best in show at Vape Summit in Las Vegas this year and we are so excited to be able to share it with you all! ‪#‎vapetheoriginals‬

The Garden- ***Vape Summit BEST IN SHOW of 2015- Vape Summit- Las Vegas*** - The Originals found it fitting to create an e liquid in its honor, an amazing flavor compromised of two types of fresh apple, expertly blended with buttery, bakery cinnamon, brown sugar, sweet honey, and ripe crisp pear.

Creamfields- Creamfields combines a blueberry waffle with graham notes, a touch of maple syrup, a blend of Bavarian creams, and a delicate strawberry shortcake - topped with whipped cream.

The Shrine- The Shrine is sure to be nothing short of a classic with its finely crafted blend of golden graham cracker, fresh baked Danish, and warm gooey accents of Cinnabun deliciousness.

Fillmore- The flavor consists of three varieties of peach incorporating every note from the ripened skin to the juicy center, coupled with two types of sweet mango. Top that off with a drizzle of blended vanillas and sweet creams.


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