SACRED Eliquid- 2X Vape Summit Winner 2015

SACRED is here! North Coast is so excited to be carrying a second Vape Summit winner..  (70/30 vg/pg blend)

Fibonacci -  Pineapple, orange, and raspberry sorbets spiraling perfectly into a creamy and sweet finish.

Merkaba - Sweet and succulent swirls of freshly picked raspberries baked into meridians of a light, creamy cheesecake

Tree of Life - Heavenly Citrus Lemons balanced with thick, velvety, cosmic custards.***Vape Summit BEST CITRUS FLAVOR of 2015 at Vape Summit- Las Vegas***

Octahedron - Rich notes of eight tobacco essences infinitely blended with buttery brown sugars.

Metatron - Powerful assortments of bold, delicious berries swimming in layers of milky oats. ***Vape Summit BEST IN SHOW of 2015 at Vape Summit- Houston***

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