Nucleus Eliquid

Nucleus Eliquid has arrived at North Coast Vape! 120mls ALWAYS 29.99! Produced and sealed in a best in class ISO lab for maximum flavor, purity, and exact nicotine measurements. Available in glass bottles- 0, 3, 6mg and 10 amazing flavors to choose from:

Edison- The All-American Rocket Pop- just in time for summer!

Faraday- A glazed cinnamon roll drizzled with sweet caramel

Pasteur- Classic strawberry milk

Oppenheimer- A sweet and citrusy key lime

Freud- Vanilla cupcake accented with cinnamon, toffee, and graham crackers

Newton- Baked apples dusted with light cinnamon

Hubble- Crunchy cereal mixed with sweet berries

Darwin- Refreshing, fizzy, grape soda

Tesla- A tart lemonade with a splash of sweet blueberries

Galileo- Tangy oranges smashed with round, sweet mangoes

Stop by today to try them all!

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