Merkury Eliquid


Carnival - Sure, the carnies are shady, the rides are falling apart, the games are rigged, and the prizes are garbage… but the strawberry custard-filled waffle cone is spectacular.


Cartoons - Saturday morning cartoons while still in your pajamas, complete with sweet, buttered, homemade cinnamon toast.


Dori Cake - True to its namesake, Dori Cake from Merkury blends a vanilla pound cake with fluffy, whipped cream cheese, a sprinkling of coconut shavings, and just a pinch of orange zest.


Little Miss - Vibrant raspberry lemonade, with a touch of kiwi, and finished with a secret, rare jewel, native to North Asia.


Nectar - A Middle-Eastern-inspired medley of fruits, known to attract nature’s most beautiful creatures, Nectar has a unique sweetness, which is both subtle and implied.

Smoked Banana Custard - Mellow, creamy smooth, and lightly smoked, Smoked Banana Custard combines sweet banana custard, realistic graham cracker crust, and just a hint of smokiness.

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